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what you can do

"a booking engine very easy to set up and use it"

With Net Booking you can full manage your hostels options.
It allows you to create all kind of rooms (private and shared), (male, female and mixed), (dorms, single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, family rooms);
You can insert pictures and descriptions for each room;
It manages until 15 different price lines to distribute, on user request, during the year;
An option to set up some reservation restraints on the rooms (for example: obligation of the minimal number of nights with arrival in sure days) exists;
It is multicurrency: it supplies the prices in the currency that the customer selects;
It automatically forwards emails of confirm of reservation (customized) to the customer and the hostel;
It has an integrated system of reports that shows daily the "incoming" customers;
It has an interesting section dedicated to statistics that allows to analyze the trend of the reservations, their origin (both divided in receiving month and incoming month), the more requested days and their medium availability, the results of the reservations etc.;
At the same time it allows the management of more hostels for the same owner;
It controls the credit cards supplied from the customer with a validation algorithm and prevents the reservation if they do not pass the test (optionally we offer the validation and debit sevice on internationals circuits - VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS -);
Back-office in Italian and English;
Front-office in Italian and English;

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