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Privacy policy complying with the Italian Law, as stated in the legislative decree n. 196/2003 (Tutela della Privacy)

Personal information are treated in compliance with the paragraph 13 of the legislative decree of the 30.06.2003 n.196, entitled "Code of personal data protection issues"), and the recommendation ed n.2/2001 the authority for the protection of Personal Information.


Personal information provided by registered hotels using the service provided by according to the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service("GTCU") are collected directly by CREATIVE PILLS STUDIO ASSOCIATO, based in via Macerata, 8 00176 Rome. The person responsible for the management of these data is Massimiliano Blasi, c/o CREATIVE PILLS STUDIO ASSOCIATO.


Personal information is collected and managed with the only purpose of enabling the booking services, as described in the GTCU. In particular the information provided by the users are collected and used by, also using ELECTRONIC devices and procedures, for the following purposes:
a)for activities relevant or necessary to the delivery and management of the booking service, in accordance with the current GCSU;
b) against/by assent of the use, for transmission of commercial information regarding services and products by or by the hotels and alike adhering to the network.
User's personal data are compulsory in order to activate the booking service, therefore refusing to give personal data prevents the user from using the booking service.


The Data shall be treated using IT devices within and for the purposes described above and always in accordance with the security measures adopted by Net-Booking in compliance with the law in force concerning privacy issues and to the directives of the Italian Authority, and with confidentiality. Personal information will only be stored for the time necessary to activate the booking service and in any case for no longer than one month after the user's Stay in the selected hotel. The non necessary information will be deleted, with the only exception of the name, surname, nationality and e-mail address that can be used by or by the participating Hotels for the purposes described in the GTCU but with the possibility for the user to ask for the deletion of his/her personal information in presence of marketing or commercial information., therefore, is not liable for the use made by Hotels of the personal information provided. This use is not regulated by this document, but by the policies each hotels adopts.


For the purposes discussed above personal information will be disclosed to the participating Hotels through our network of services, as visible from time to time, on the web pages of Net-Booking and to the staff managing the on-line booking service.
Through Net-Booking, Hotels can only and solely access the information provided during the booking process with their structure and therefore will not be disclosed to other hotels or shared by the participating hotels nor sold.
The User has the right to obtain at any time the details of the above mentioned subjects.

5. YOUR RIGHTS (ex art.7 D.Lgs. 196/2003)

The user has the right, at any time, to obtain the following information:
- Confirmation from u is being processed and access to them in an intelligible form;
- Information on the source of his/her personal data and on the logic involved and purposes of the data processing;
- the deletion, the transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of your personal data, (unlawful processed);
- the updating, rectification or, when you have an interest in, the integration of your personal data;
- the confirmation that the operations previously described have been reported, (together with the contents of the same), to whom the data was disclosed or disseminated;
- You are entitled to object, in all or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of your personal data;
- You are entitled to object, in all or in part, to the processing of your personal data for advertising or direct marketing purposes or in order to carry out marketing researches or commercial communications.
You may freely and at any time exercise your rights, by contacting Massimiliano Blasi, entitled to the management of the personal information, C/O "CREATIVE PILLS STUDIO ASSOCIATO" or by sending an e-mail to:


A cookie is a data registered by a server on the user's browser and as a defined expiry date. Each User can access the content and the expiry date of the cookies registered on his browser. (Your Internet browser contains instructions on how to carry out these procedures of deletion). Every time a browser connects to a server, the server asks for the data registered by the browser through the cookies. Cookies can therefore be used by servers to trace small pieces of information needed for the proper functioning of the website you are visiting. has the faculty of sending its cookies on your browser and to access them each time you connect to the site. Net Booking also has the faculty of gathering IP addresses (identifying the connection to the internet) for technical editing.


Personal information being processed by when booking on-line, are protected by the 128 bit encrypting system Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that makes the information processed not usable by unauthorized third parties intercepting them.
Security is guaranteed by state of the art SSL technology and certified by the Public Certification Authority "ENTRUST" (Click here to view the certificate).
In some cases, personal information can be disclosed to governmental or fiscal authorities upon official request. Net-Booking reserves the right to disclose personal information if this is necessary to protect its rights.
Only in the circumstances described above, will be obliged to disclose personal information.


For any doubt, question or complaint regarding the content of this document or the way in which gathers, uses and shares with third parties the personal information provided, please freely contact Massimiliano Blasi, entitled to the management of the personal information, C/O "CREATIVE PILLS STUDIO ASSOCIATO" via Macerata, 8 - 00176 ROMA or by sending an e-mail to:


By accepting and agreeing to these general terms and conditions, the user authorizes to manage his/her personal information, only for the purposes and within the limits stated in this document and reserving the right of exercising what stated in paragraph 5.


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